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Amulet of Tilasm

The Amulet of Tilasm

The Amulet of Tilasm is a sacred item to the House of Tilasm. It is a sacred talisman carved from the shell of Tilasm himself. However, due to the loss of many records during the Great Purge, it's purpose and powers have long been forgotten. The current holder is Kabuto the Beetle.



The Amulet of Tilasm was originally carved from Tilasm's own shell and is rumored in fact to be the very first talisman. It was passed onto his descendants and currently rests in the hands of Kabuto, the current head of the Tilasm family. A symbol is carved on each of the six blue triangles and they can be inserted into the center of the Amulet, allowing for many different combinations of effects. However, after the events of the Great Purge, the full extent of it's abilities was forgotten and remains so to this day. Kabuto has tried on several occasions to experiment with it and determine it's function, but it has remained dormant since before he received it. Kabuto spends much of his time attempting to figure out the combination needed to unlock the Amulet.


  • Amulets are very similar to talismans and are often thought of as good luck charms.
  • The Amulet is modeled after the crest of the House of Tilasm.

Mythsetian Relics

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