Amera Orontes is the deceased mother of Dh'yana Orontes and the older sister of Azryal Orontes. Born on Palaven, Amera was raised like any other turian and has a strong sense of military service. When it was discovered she was a biotic, Amera was isolated and moved to the Cabals, a group of turian biotics that function as a tight-knit group due to the rarity of biotic turians. However, when she became pregnant, Amera did not feel ready to become a mother and did not want to leave the Cabal group. So, she made the choice to abandon Dh'yana. She came to immediately regret this decision and tried to get Dh'yana back, only to find that she was too late. Amera spent years living in grief and regret and on her deathbed, begged her younger brother Azryal Orontes to find her daughter.

Four Winds

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