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Alexander the Moonrat
Crest of Psyche
Alexander the moonrat

Alex is the head of the House of Psyche and Phoebe's brother.

Personal data
Nicknames Alex
Age 25
Gender Male
Species Mythsetian moonrat
Occupation Head of the House of Psyche
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Whitewash (mentioned)

This page is comprised of Alexander the Moonrat's relationships with various other characters he interacts with.


House of PsycheEdit

Alexander is a member of the House of Psyche.


  • Psyche (ancestor)
  • Unborn twin brother
  • Phoebe (younger sister)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (future descendant)


While Alex often interacts with the other house heads, he often spends his time alone talking to himself, or rather his separate personality, which he believes to be of his unborn twin brother. Whilst still in utero, he had a twin brother. However, Alex accidently reabsorbed his twin, gaining the combined psychic power of two individuals. This also resulted in Alex developing a second personality, which he firmly believes to be his brother. In conversation, he commonly refers to himself as "we" and "us". Alex and his "brother" personality appear to work mutualistically rather than battle for dominance over Alex's body. In addition, Alex believes his heterochromia to be a representation of his brother's psyche present within his own mind.

Phoebe the MoonratEdit

Phoebe the Moonrat

Phoebe, Alex's sister

Phoebe is Alex's younger sister. As head of his family, Alex does his best to care for his little sister while also dealing with his own issues. When Alex was to inherit the Blade of Psyche, the sacred relic of his family, he feared what kind of effect the Blades unknown powers would have on him and his other personality. Instead, he passed the Blade on to Phoebe, feeling that she would be a better wielder for it.


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