Typeicon-Bakugan Typeicon-Darkus
Alastor Fermin-Grav

Wraith is one of the Darkus battlers of the Vestal Division.

Personal data
Nicknames Wraith
Age 17
Gender Male
Species Vestal
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Alastor Fermin-Grav, (アラスタ・フェルミン-グラヴ, Arasuta Ferumin-Gurabu) commonly referred to by his nickname, Wraith (ウライス Uraisu) is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and is the adoptive son of Keith Fermin/Spectra Phantom and Gus Grav. He is a Darkus battler partered with Infinity Helios. He is a member of the Vestal Division of the Brawlers

Physical description

Alastor is a 17 year old Vestal boy and the adoptive son of Keith Fermin and Gus Grav. Alastor has thick dark brown hair and green eyes. He wears a white, long sleeved dress shirt, black pants and black shoes.


Alastor is a very silent, mature and relatively cold young man. His distant attitude can easily be linked back to being abandonned by his birth mother and his resulting abandonment issues. Deep down, he is afraid to get close to anyone and had to grow up very quickly to take care of his sister, whom he was determined to not let grow up quickly like he did. Alastor's care for his sister is so great that he puts her needs above his own as well as above the needs of anyone else, including his own friends.


  • Unnamed birth mother
  • Keith Fermin (adoptive father)
  • Gus Grav (adoptive father)
  • Soul (younger sister)
  • Ace Grit (uncle)
  • Mira Fermin (aunt)
  • Clay Grit (cousin)
  • Blaze Grit (cousin)

Alma Fermin-Grav

Alastor cares very much about his younger sister and will do anything to keep her happy and well.

Janet Osamu

Alastor admires Janet's mature attitude and her brilliant mind and after spending time with her, he begins to develop strong feelings for her. So much in fact, that Alastor even begins to research Vestal technology in hopes of finding a way to cure Janet's paralysis.


Infinity Helios

Alastor's Bakugan, Darkus Infinity Helios.

Alastor is the older brother of Alma and cousin of Clay and Blaze and is the eldest of all the Next Gen Brawlers and is very mature.

At the age of 6, he was abandoned by his birth mother along with his newborn baby sister, Alma. They were later found and adopted by Keith and Gus. However, Alastor still remained quite hostile to them, refusing to accept them as his parents and taking out his anger for their mother abandoning him and Alma on them. He eventually realized that though not his biological parents, Keith and Gus love him and really care about him and apologized for his behavoir.

During Resistance Resurrection, Alastor meets Janet Osamu and begins falling in love with her as well as seeing her as his intellectual equal. He spends most of his time research ways to cure her paralysis so that she can walk again.


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