The calendar in Aileron consists of twelve months, each with thirty one days. Each of the four seasons lasts approximately three months and there are various holidays are celebrated throughout the year.

List of months

  • 1st month: Scarletdawn
  • 2nd month: Violetta
  • 3rd month: Bloodstone (beginning of spring)
  • 4th month: Torrentus
  • 5th month: Hawethorn
  • 6th month: Heccatoll (beginning of summer)
  • 7th month: Nymphaea
  • 8th month: Midsummer
  • 9th month: Morningsun (beginning of autumn)
  • 10th month: Thoramali
  • 11th month: Chrysaros
  • 12th month: Wintertide (beginning of winter)


Years in Aileron are chronicled by BDE (Before Dragon Exodus) and ADE (After Dragon Exodus). The year 0 is the year the Dragon Exodus occurred and events before are BDE and chronicled in descending numerical order from past to 0 while events after are ADE and chronicled in ascending numerical order from 0 to present.