Aiden Radcliffe
Aiden emblem 2

Aiden Radcliffe 2016

Aiden uniform

Aiden dance

Personal data
Title "Amber"
Age 17
Gender Male
Emblem Aiden emblem 2
Species Faunus
Occupation Member of Team CRLN
Beacon Academy Student
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix and Dingo-Sniper
Amber preserves the tricks and secrets of our past.


Early life

Aiden was raised alone by his father in Vacuo, who was a well-known archaeologist, who spent much of his time researching Remnant's ancient past. Aiden developed a similar interest in archaeology and often accompanied his father on digs and assisted in his research. Due to their Faunus heritage, he and his father were often subject to racism and prejudice. Though his father was often pressured to join the White Fang, he always refused and told Aiden not to join.

Beacon Academy

When he turned 17, Aiden enrolled and was accepted into Beacon Academy. During Initiation, he ran into Delilah North, whom he ended up partnering with. After fighting through the forest and claiming their relic, they were partnered with Caelan Roth and Hyacintha Litwinovii, forming Team CRLN.

Though Aiden attempted to befriend their new team, Caelan was largely resistant to accepting Aiden and Delilah, since he did not like the idea of "sharing" Cynthia with anyone else. However, at Cynthia's urging, Caelan intervened when Aiden was being harassed by Cardin and his team due to his Faunus heritage. Caelan assisted Aiden and the two eventually became good friends.


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