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Crest of Mythos
Adalinda 2

Adalinda is the mother of Azure and Azreal's love.

Personal data
Nicknames Lin, Linny
Age 64
Gender Female
Species Unknown Mythsetian
Morality Good
Living status Deceased
Fate Died due to complications during childbirth
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Hostile Encounters (flashback)
Your mother was as kind and caring as she was beautiful...and I would have done anything for her.
Azreal the Dragon


Adalinda was born in the Mythsetia Veil and grew up in the underground Veil Catacombs. She had a close friendship with Azreal of the House of Mythos which later blossomed into romance. However, Adalinda was arranged to marry Azreal's older brother Hydra. When Azreal revealed his true feelings for Adalinda in public, Hydra challenged him to a battle to the death for her. In order to avoid having to kill his own brother, Azreal fled and was subsequently banished. Azreal bid Adalinda a tearful goodbye before leaving.

Twenty years later, Adalinda had already given birth to her first eight children and was pregnant with her ninth. She managed to track Azreal down, who had been living in solitude. The two were unable to fight their feelings for each other and became intimate that night, though Adalinda left early the next morning, accidently leaving behind her blue hair tie, which Azreal began wearing as a scarf.

Several months later, Adalinda visited him again during which she was heavily pregnant with her ninth child, whom she planned on naming Azure. Adalinda then revealed that because the times she was intimate with him and Hydra were too close, there is a possibility that Azreal is the father of Azure. Azreal is at first shocked to hear this, but becomes ecstatic at the news, kissing Adalinda in happiness.

She later died in childbirth giving birth to her final child, Azure.

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